AVP/California and Parolees


Parolees are encouraged to be involved in community Alternatives to Violence Project workshops. Though AVP/California does not offer a highly structured re-entry program, a system whereby parolees can participate in the community, Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) program upon release is available.

Santa Barbara AVP also offers workshop in Lompoc Federal Prison. If you are interested in being a part of a team “inside”, start with taking a Basic workshop in the community.

 For facilitators trained while incarcerated the following opportunities are offered:

  • Facilitating on a team of facilitators for workshops being held in their local community
  • Assistance in starting AVP workshops in their local community
  • Financial assistance/travel expenses for facilitating workshops in counties other than their county of release
  • Participation on local councils of facilitators in planning programs in their area with their leadership involvement encouraged
  • Scholarship assistance to attend national and state AVP conferences
  • Speaking to community groups about AVP

For those parolees not yet facilitators, the opportunity to become one is available:
Scholarships to take the three 20-hour-workshop series in their community toward becoming a facilitator are offered. Once trained the above facilitator benefits apply.

AVP/California is a fast growing non-profit organization, expanding in more CDCR prisons every month and offering training in the community and inside correctional facilities to at least 100 people a month. Opportunities for leadership and positive community relationships are available to those making contact once released.

Central contact number: 800/ 905-6755
Location to sign up for workshops or as a facilitator: www.avpCalifornia.org

Statistics on AVP success
Delaware Research on Recidivism

Return to prison after one year:
Life Skills class – 18%
AVP – 10%
Control group – 25%

AVP graduates re-offending after 3 years, 33% (cumulative). Usual rate is 60-80%.
With no AVP, returning to prison for any reason: 3 years 48% (cumulative)
With AVP: within 3 years of release, with only Basic Workshop: 37% return to prison

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