What do teens get?

WHAT do teens get out of graduating from the 20-hour AVP Experience?

  • 20 hours of community service (without having to pick up trash on the freeway)
  • Certificate of Completion of Basic workshop
  • Removal of suspension from SBUSD student file
  • Opportunity to become an “AVP-Experience” leader upon completion of Basic, Advanced and Training for Facilitators workshops, prepared to be on a team facilitating workshops.
  • Eligible to receive stipends for facilitating workshops
  • Once completed, consideration by SBUSD for removal from expulsion

AND Best of all: Three additional benefits:

  • Two full days of laughter, crazy games and no lectures in each workshop
  • Getting to know your peers and adults who are taking the workshops
  • Learning more about yourself, how to handle problems, enjoy people and have fun
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