Welcome to the Santa Barbara Alternatives to Violence Project.

The Santa Barbara Alternatives to Violence Project (SBAVP) is a multi-cultural  organization  dedicated to reducing interpersonal violence in our society.

SBAVP offers workshops in conflict management skills that can:

  • Enable individuals to build successful interpersonal interactions

  • Gain insights into themselves

  • Find new and positive approaches to their lives

History & Guiding Principles of Alternatives To Violence Project (AVP)

SBAVP was born out of this movement, taking non-violent principles out of prisons and into the community to work with youth, and Santa Barbara is the first location in the country where these workshops are broadly offered. SBAVP Outreach Coordinators work closely with families, schools, and youth with the goal of understanding and utilizing non-violent means, and ultimately working to keep youth out of the criminal justice system. Youth participants can be referred to SBAVP by school personnel and law enforcement, but anyone from the community can self-refer, all are welcomed to attend a workshop. We partner with parents, schools, and other community agencies in supporting each student in discovering and reaching their goals.

Santa Barbara AVP is a program that:

  • Allows participants to gain confidence and insights which can help people change their lives.

  • Offers a new approach for families, community groups, social service agencies, schools, youth organizations and all who would like to participate.

  • Introduces leadership skills to teens to make positive decisions and access ways to prevent violence.

  • Is built upon principles of respect and caring for self and others; though founded by Quakers, AVP draws participants and trainers from all religions, races, sexual identity, and walks of life

We invite you to learn about Santa Barbara AVP, take a workshop, and even become a volunteer facilitator.
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