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Below  are media releases and videos that describe the  wealth of experiences gained by the population that  is served by the Santa Barbara Alternatives to Violence  Project.
Santa Barbara Alternatives to Violence Project
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All-Ages Outreach Program Holds Monthly Workshops for Area Youth at Elings Park.

“Troubled” teens often get a bad rap, but area youth outreach programs are working to reach these kids — who can be disregarded at school and at home — and make them feel connected to their community and themselves.

Santa Barbara’s Alternatives to Violence Project (SBAVP) was founded in 2018 and was the first of the worldwide organization’s community workshops to refer youth from area middle and high schools to its program.”


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This documentary follows formerly incarcerated students at the University of California Santa Barbara as they develop the first ever program for formerly incarcerated students called the Gaucho Underground Scholars. Ryan Flaco Rising and Gilbert Anthony Murillo were accepted into UCSB in 2019 both formerly incarcerated and working with the Berkeley Underground Scholars they Co-Founded the Gaucho Underground Scholars and worked diligently with Juan Bran-Gudiel, Luis Munoz, Lisandra Barrera-Rising, Melissa Ortiz, Arturo Cheech Raygoza and many other formerly incarcerated and system impacted students to create resources and support for formerly incarcerated students. One thing this program has been really successful in doing is working closely with the community and developing the warm handoff system giving marginalized community members the hand up through higher education.