Family Support

SBAVP offers services and support to families in the community. We do this in several ways:

Direct Contact:

Outreach Coordinators communicate directly with parents and guardians, in person and by phone, and can help mediate interactions between families and others in the community. Families are assisted with:

    • Consistency and setting boundaries.
    • Case Management until youth graduate High school
    • Staying open to the changing needs of their youth
    • Improving communication between home and school
    • Directing parents toward other services in community

AVP workshops:

Parents and family members are invited to participate in AVP workshops. Attending a workshop gives parents insight into what their teens have participated in, and a common language of experience to use at home. In addition, participation gives parents the opportunity to become familiar with their own transformative power and thereby affect change within the family. To ensure privacy and integrity, parents do not attend the same BASIC workshop as their teen.

Family members can participate in the program in many ways:

    • Providing transportation to workshops
    • Making and/or bringing food to workshops
    • Participating in the workshops and becoming a facilitator.
    • Chaperoning gatherings outside of the workshops/outings.
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